Russia completes delivery of S-300 air defense system to Syria

Moscow says Syrians will be able to use system in three months … [Read more...]

Moscow on the Golan

Moscow’s interest is that Syria not be destabilized by Israeli retaliation … [Read more...]

From the Euphrates to Beit She’an: The Islamic Republic’s dangerous game

To what degree is Syria happy with Iran’s risky actions and casualty rate? … [Read more...]

PM to Putin: We will stop Iranian entrenchment in Lebanon, Syria

‘We will stop it if it doesn’t stop by itself. We are already acting’ … [Read more...]

US to keep supporting SDF, including Kurds, in Syria

Turkey claims Trump said US would not further arm the Kurdish PPU … [Read more...]

Putin hosts Syrian President Bashar Assad for talks in Russia

Assad, rarely seen outside Syria, travels to Sochi … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, Putin talk Syria tensions as Iran threatens from Damascus

Liberman says Israel can deal with challenge of Iran in Syria … [Read more...]

The Middle East quagmire: Israel’s strategy on Iran, Syria, and UNDOF

1974 disengagement agreement was sanctioned by Security Council … [Read more...]

Kurdish security frees seven Christian and Yazidi women

As Iraqi forces clash with ISIS terrorists fleeing to Syria … [Read more...]

Israel: If Iran expands in Syria, we’ll bomb Assad’s palace

Dire consequences if Iran continues on its current path in Syria … [Read more...]

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