The Supreme Court hands a well-deserved defeat to the Thought Police

Spotlights the darkness Netanyahu coalition has cast over Israeli democracy … [Read more...]

Supreme Court hears appeal by US student barred over BDS allegations

‘How does a ban on her entry advance the fight against BDS?’ asks justice … [Read more...]

The Jews: a people or religion?

What’s at stake in the Supreme Court’s Western Wall cases … [Read more...]

Asia Bibi’s death sentence triggers demonstrations across UK

Pakistani Christian mother appeals to Supreme Court … [Read more...]

Asia Bibi’s family ‘waiting for miracle’ at Supreme Court

Christian woman isolated on death row kept uninformed of blasphemy appeal … [Read more...]

Supreme Court sentences former PM Olmert to eight more months in jail

Olmert's legal battles are over and he will remain in prison until 2019 … [Read more...]

Supreme Court rules against major state initiative to deter Gaza flotillas

Ruling noteworthy amid pressure to drop the Gaza blockade … [Read more...]

Supreme Court increases sentences of arsonists of Jewish-Arab school

Justices add eight months of prison time for Twitto brothers … [Read more...]

How did Olmert get his jail time reduced and what does it mean for future cases?

Supreme Court just made it harder to convict public figures for bribery … [Read more...]

Israeli Arab activists call ‘day of rage’ over plan to raze Beduin village

Supreme Court allows state to build Jewish city atop Umm al-Hiran … [Read more...]

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