Persecuted Christians need your support, EU officials told

Christian family told they will be killed if they return to their home … [Read more...]

Syrian church leader: Christians have no support, West has betrayed us

Patriarch blasts US and media for ignoring Christian persecution … [Read more...]

All eyes on Iran at Christians United for Israel summit

Envoy Dermer urges Christian friends of Israel to show support … [Read more...]

The 10-year klepto-dictatorship of Mahmoud Abbas

Why does West throw money and support to terrorist- sponsoring dictator? … [Read more...]

US says it will not support Palestinian Security Council bid

State Department indicates Washington likely to veto text … [Read more...]

Thousands demonstrate support for communities near Gaza Strip

Tel Aviv rally demands peace, quiet, and security for South … [Read more...]

Christian citizens in Israel need support

Saying Christians in Israel are better off than in Syria is inadequate … [Read more...]

Israel must never be betrayed

Obama administration reverses unshakable support to the Jewish state … [Read more...]

‘Israel intensifying bid to rally support for Egypt military rule’

It’s ‘army or anarchy,’ Israeli official tells ‘New York Times’ … [Read more...]

When Christians repent

Christians supporting the Jewish state? It hardly seems like news anymore … [Read more...]

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