Israel busts Hamas cell planning suicide bombings in Jerusalem, Haifa

Shin Bet arrests some 20 members of West Bank network … [Read more...]

At least 35 killed in suicide bombings at Istanbul airport

More than 80 wounded, some critically; Islamic State believed responsible … [Read more...]

Hamas calls for suicide bombings on Israeli buses

It isn’t an intifada until ‘the bus roof flies,’ terrorist music video says … [Read more...]

‘We will turn you into body parts,’ says Gaza preacher waving explosive vest

Abu Hamza Ashura warns next terrorist attacks will be suicide bombings … [Read more...]

Security forces nab Hamas terrorist cell in Hebron

Gang of 11 planned suicide bombings; attempted to bomb IDF troops … [Read more...]

Hamas West Bank head Riad Natzer indicted for planning wave of attacks

Accused in kidnappings, suicide bombings, attacks on settlements … [Read more...]

Al-Qaeda plotted bombing US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem center

Gaza terrorist recruited Jerusalem Palestinians for attacks … [Read more...]

Iran attache among dozens killed in Beirut embassy blast

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for twin suicide bombings … [Read more...]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad call for a third intifada

Hamas says it has not abandoned option of suicide bombings … [Read more...]

Video: Hamas warns it will renew suicide attacks

Izzadin Kassam taunts IDF soldiers to enter the Gaza Strip and be killed … [Read more...]

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