Washington calls on Sudan to stop ‘church demolitions’

US to push for human rights and religious freedom in the country … [Read more...]

Sudan arrests five pastors for preaching the Gospel

Several churches demolished in crackdown on Christians … [Read more...]

Don’t talk about Christian persecution, Sudan warns pastors

Leaders forbidden to speak about persecution or church demolitions … [Read more...]

Sudan frees Czech missionary imprisoned for life

President pardons Petr Jasek, but ministry partners remain imprisoned … [Read more...]

Fearing Muslims will be led to Jesus, Sudan declares ‘war on Christians’

Pastors being imprisoned, churches demolished in Islamist nation … [Read more...]

Sudan orders demolition of at least 25 churches

Christian leaders say it is part of wider crack-down on Christianity … [Read more...]

Two Christian pastors facing death penalty in Sudan for their faith

American Center for Law and Justice launches petition to save them … [Read more...]

In Sudan hope shines brightly

Churches in Sudan and Sudanese diaspora are full of Muslim converts … [Read more...]

Christian school closed in Sudan ordered to re-open

Muslim appointed by government to school relinquishes control … [Read more...]

Sudan detains Christians; churches demolished

Demolitions and burnings part of attempt to impose strict Islamic rule … [Read more...]

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