Government reaches compromise over Sabbath work impasse

Netanyahu, ultra-Orthodox parties, agree to retain status quo … [Read more...]

Civil marriage now

Matrimony in Israel bears the brunt of the status quo … [Read more...]

Church leaders protest ‘attempt to weaken Christian presence’ in Jerusalem

Call on world leaders to intervene and help protect the status quo … [Read more...]

Accept Palestine or face ‘sea of hatred,’ Jordanian king warns Israel

Abdullah accuses Jewish state of trying to alter status quo on Temple Mount … [Read more...]

PM rebukes deputy FM for dreaming of Israeli flag on Temple Mount

Netanyahu: Status quo remains; Hotovely says she gave private opinion … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king warns Israel over Temple Mount status quo

Meeting with UN’s Ban, Abdullah calls for an end to the violence … [Read more...]

The consequences of the ever-changing status quo on the Temple Mount

Until 2000, Jews went up freely to the Temple Mount and prayed silently … [Read more...]

Jordan sends letter warning Israel over Temple Mount

King calls for Netanyahu government to maintain status quo in capital … [Read more...]

PMO: Israel will not change status quo on the Temple Mount

Government has ‘no intention of changing policy’ despite debate … [Read more...]

The window of opportunity

Israel’s leaders must realize status quo not to Israel’s advantage … [Read more...]

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