US will leave UN Human Rights Council if it doesn’t reform

State Department wants ‘greater accountability and transparency’ … [Read more...]

Palestinians say Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout frozen by Trump

State Department to examine transfer of funds … [Read more...]

Trump administration to review $221m. payment to PA in Obama’s last hours

State Department to assess whether payment aligns with Trump's priorities … [Read more...]

US: Israeli settlement bill ‘unprecedented and troubling step’

State Department can’t rule out a new initiative before end of Obama’s term … [Read more...]

Myopic State

State Department has distorted view of the reality driving the conflict … [Read more...]

State Department turns its back on Middle Eastern Christians over ‘G’ word

Genocide: Christians know it, but State Department won’t say it … [Read more...]

Palestinians accuse Israel of confiscating Jordan Valley farmland

US envoy, State Department condemn Israeli settlement activity … [Read more...]

Christians press US to call ISIL violence ‘genocide’

State Department should use the label for Christians as well as Yazidis … [Read more...]

Christians, the State Department, and genocide

If Yazidis are the victims of genocide, why not Christians? … [Read more...]

Why are there so few Christians among the Syrian refugees?

State Department: Our emphasis is 'on helping the most vulnerable' … [Read more...]

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