In Somalia, tiny Catholic community brings a glimmer of hope

Torn apart by war, famine, terrorism, Somalia consecrates a Catholic church … [Read more...]

Islamists behead two Christian women in Somalia; force children to watch

Islamists intend to wipe out any 'underground Christians’ … [Read more...]

Islamist extremists suspected in killing of Christian father of four in Somalia

Underground Christian pharmacist Jimale taught first aid and compared Bible and Koran … [Read more...]

Christian convert from Islam beheaded in Somalia

Islamic extremists accuse young man of being spy, embracing ‘foreign religion’ … [Read more...]

Christians remain easy targets as al-Qaeda pushes suicide bombings in East Africa

Leader Zawahri orders bombings and other terror tactics to create Islamic state in Somalia … [Read more...]

Israel to help Kenya fight Somali Islamists

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga thanked Israel this week for its commitment to help it fight Somali Islamist terrorists linked to Al-Qaida. “Kenya got the backing of … [Read more...]

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