PA suspends Hebron police chief for helping Israeli soldiers change a tire

Col. Ahmed Abu al-Rub blasted in social media for aiding soldiers … [Read more...]

Gazans to burn thousands of tires at border

Social media show hundreds of tires already transported to border … [Read more...]

One rule for the Netanyahus, another for the rest of us

We must clamp down on scandalous allegations on social media … [Read more...]

Pakistan may ban Facebook, other social media, for inciting blasphemy

Toban Facebook, Twitter and others for refusal to block offending media … [Read more...]

Neo-Nazis overtake Islamic State on social media

ISIS users get suspended, white nationalists and Nazis have impunity … [Read more...]

ISIS using social media to sell trafficked girls to pedophile terrorists

One posting lists a 12-year-old virgin with an asking price of $12,500 … [Read more...]

Hassidic Jews’ ‘ritual Talmudic dance’ disrupts Jordanian airport

Dancing Hassidim singing wedding songs anger social media; government … [Read more...]

Obama ignites social media by calling Paris kosher deli attack ‘random’

President seems to have a problem saying 'Jewish victims' … [Read more...]

Arab Israelis fight nationality bill with ‘second-class’ stamp

Arab youths take their struggle for civil equality to social media … [Read more...]

Hamas social media abuzz with cartoons glorifying Jerusalem attack

Claim synagogue massacre was in defense of al-Aksa Mosque … [Read more...]

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