Archeologists restore ancient tiles from Second Temple in Jerusalem

First restoration of an element from the Herodian Second Temple … [Read more...]

Jerusalem family finds 2,000-year-old ritual bath under living room

Find in hometown of John the Baptist reveals Second Temple Jewish village … [Read more...]

Did ancient beams discarded in Jerusalem’s Old City come from First and Second Temples?

Ancient wooden beams from Al-Aqsa Mosque may offer a glimpse at biblical Temples … [Read more...]

Second Temple era ritual bath excavated in Jerusalem

Road construction near Kiryat Menachem neighborhood unearths ancient mikve treasure … [Read more...]

Discovering Jerusalem from the time of Jesus

By ARIEL BEN AMI What did Jerusalem look like in Jesus's day? For most of Christian history, this question remained shrouded in mystery. When the Temple and city were destroyed by the Romans in … [Read more...]

Excavated seal confirms written record of Temple worship

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Archeologists at an Israel Antiquities Authority dig at the northwestern corner of the Temple Mount have uncovered a seal the size of a button that was used in the Temple to signify … [Read more...]

Herod started the Temple, but great grandson finished the job

    By Arieh O’Sullivan (The Media Line) It turns out that the Western Wall of the ancient Second Temple Mount wasn’t built during the reign of King Herod … [Read more...]

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