What’s behind Sudanese President al-Bashir going to meet Syria’s Assad?

Sudanese rhetoric is anti-western, while Saudis still in western camp … [Read more...]

Argentine pundits lambaste national team’s ‘hypocrisy’ on Israel game

Leading paper suggests players should also boycott France, Russia, Saudis … [Read more...]

Herzog calls for Saudi role in Jerusalem at al-Aksa

‘Saudis have great responsibility and role for holy places of Islam’ … [Read more...]

Saudis tell Abbas to accept Trump peace plan or resign

PA chief also ordered to avoid Iran, cut ties with Hezbollah … [Read more...]

Is Israeli-Saudi peace a realistic proposition?

Saudis may be no less devious or subversive than their Iranian rivals … [Read more...]

11 Arab countries accuse Iran of sponsoring Middle East terrorism

Saudis, Egypt, Jordan among those slamming Tehran’s expansionist policies … [Read more...]

White privilege and the love of dictators: the Syrian case

Assad’s foes called terrorists supported by US government, Israel, Turkey, Saudis … [Read more...]

Egyptian court rejects transfer of islands to Saudis

Delay in handing over Tiran and Sanafir could strain ties with Saudis … [Read more...]

‘If Netanyahu accepts Arab Peace Initiative, Saudis will open an embassy in TA’

Saudi general opposes arming the Palestinians, calling it counterproductive … [Read more...]

With island deal, Saudis signal they’re warming up to Israel

Jerusalem untroubled by strategically crucial islands changing hands … [Read more...]

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