Saudi Arabia: Qatar must stop supporting Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood

Gulf state undermining PA and Egypt, must ‘act like a normal country’ … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia, Israel present de facto united front against Iran

Ministers demand Tehran be punished for Syria, Yemen, ballistic missiles … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia: ISIS plot to bomb 60,000 sports fans foiled

ISIS-linked terrorists planned to attack World Cup qualifying match … [Read more...]

In apparent rift with Ramallah, Saudi Arabia halts PA funding

Some $120 million of financial aid withheld over last six months … [Read more...]

Israel to transfer 30 million cubic meters of water to Palestinians

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia praise water-sharing deal … [Read more...]

In Saudi Arabia, signs of an effort to break the Israel taboo

Softer media reporting ‘is a sign there is less enmity’ … [Read more...]

Muslims converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia despite intense persecution

Saudis restrict the public expression of any religion other than Islam … [Read more...]

Iran was the ally Israel wanted. It got Saudi Arabia.

Israel courted against the backdrop of the rise and fall of IS … [Read more...]

Religious freedom in the Arabian Peninsula?

Leaving Islam means death penalty in UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia executed 175 in past year, watchdog finds

Adultery, apostasy, witchcraft punishable by death, mostly by beheading … [Read more...]

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