40 cars’ tires slashed in ‘price tag’ attack near Safed

Walls spray-painted with racist graffiti … [Read more...]

Route 1 artery to Jerusalem reopens after overnight closure

No school in capital, Safed, Golan; electricity promised to all over Monday … [Read more...]

First Syrian refugee baby born in Israeli hospital

IDF evacuates 20-year-old mother to Ziv Medical Center in Safed … [Read more...]

Children hurt in Syrian fighting brought to Israel

Boys 9 and 15 years old treated in Safed for serious wounds … [Read more...]

Syrian doctor, in unprecedented note, asks Israel to save critical patient’s life

Detailed handwritten letter explains the previous care received by the critically wounded patient … [Read more...]

Army tests Iron Dome anti-missile system near northern city of Safed

IDF seeking suitable staging locations for mobile defense batteries … [Read more...]

Jerusalemites celebrate first snowfall in four years

JERUSALEM (JWN)—The biggest news in Israel on Friday occurred in the capital in the early morning, when temperatures dropped below freezing for the first time this winter and turned days of steady … [Read more...]

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