The Middle Eastern origins of support for Venezuela’s Maduro

Iran, Turkey, Palestinians, Russia back Maduro; others support Guaido … [Read more...]

Russia: We have proof Israel is lying about downing of recon plane

Accuses Israel of using the IL-20 as cover to carry out strikes in Syria … [Read more...]

Trump security adviser: US, Israel, Russia all want Iran out of Syria

John Bolton says US also seeks 'to end Iran's support for Hezbollah' … [Read more...]

Russia: Iranian troops in Syria to be kept 85 kilometers from Israel border

Russia's chief Syria negotiator says Israel no longer concerned about issue … [Read more...]

Islamic State attack leaves Syrian Druze reeling from largest losses of war

246 members of minority group killed; Russia, Hezbollah condemn assault … [Read more...]

Russia: Complete Iranian withdrawal from Syria is ‘absolutely unrealistic’

US said to seek full Iranian pullout, as does Israel … [Read more...]

Argentine pundits lambaste national team’s ‘hypocrisy’ on Israel game

Leading paper suggests players should also boycott France, Russia, Saudis … [Read more...]

Caught in the Syrian quagmire

US, Russia, Turkey and Iran locked into a deadly confrontation … [Read more...]

More tourists visit Israel in 2017 than ever before

Top five countries: the US, Russia, France, Germany and the UK … [Read more...]

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