‘Who are you to decide for Iran?’ Rouhani asks after Pompeo speech

Iranian president vows 'we'll continue our path with our nation's support' … [Read more...]

Iran releases images of new Bavar 373 missile defense system

Rouhani says Tehran’s military budget has more than doubled … [Read more...]

Iran says it could restart nuclear program if needed

Rouhani assures Iranians of result if world powers violate nuke agreement … [Read more...]

Iran parades parts of Russian S-300 missile system in military display

Rouhani: Iran protects Muslim countries from terrorism and Zionism … [Read more...]

Iran stops dismantling nuclear centrifuges under pressure from hardliners

Dismantling stopped in Fordow following lawmakers' letter to Rouhani … [Read more...]

Saeed Abedini’s wife: Rouhani’s call for prisoner exchange ‘absurd, insulting’

Iran offers to trade Abedini and other Americans for Iranians in US prisons … [Read more...]

Rouhani, at UN, slams US for supporting ‘inhumane Zionist entity’

Iranian president demands Israel be stripped of nuclear weapons … [Read more...]

PA bolsters ties with Iran as Tehran-Hamas relationship cools

PLO official hails nuclear deal; says Abbas, Rouhani agree on Syria … [Read more...]

UN expert: Iran human rights worse since Rouhani elected

Sharp rise in executions and crackdown on dissent is cause for concern … [Read more...]

Amid chants of ‘Death to Israel,’ Iran leader calls for ‘win-win’ nuke deal

At rally on revolution anniversary, Rouhani blasts ‘Zionist’ meddling … [Read more...]

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