Netanyahu slams Abbas blood libel as he flies to Rome in diplomatic push

PA leader rejects meet with Rivlin, says ending conflict will end terrorism … [Read more...]

Italy, France called hypocritical to host Rouhani on Holocaust Memorial Day

Paris, Rome Jewish communities come out against Rouhani visit … [Read more...]

Pope pays tribute to Christians persecuted by ISIS in Palm Sunday mass

Lauds today's martyrs as thousands wave palm, olive branches in Rome … [Read more...]

ISIS vows to attack Israel, US as it conquers Persia, Rome, and Arab states

Pledges to fight against US troops and the anti-Christ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu in Rome: Sanctions against Iranians already unraveling

Warns of a relaxation of sanctions and rush to accommodate Iran … [Read more...]

Netanyahu warns US that a bad Iran deal is worse than no deal

PM airs fears of Iran compromise as he meets Kerry in Rome … [Read more...]

Abducted bishops still missing in Syria

Mass held in Rome for kidnapped Syrian bishops … [Read more...]

Romans to demonstrate for Middle East Christians

Italy concerned about tragic situation of Christians in Islamic world … [Read more...]

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