Rivlin: Plight of Christians in Middle East a ‘stain on humanity’

‘Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time’ … [Read more...]

President refuses pardon for convicted ex-prime minister Olmert

Rivlin: Court has set premier’s jail term in light of his public standing … [Read more...]

Far-right politicians call for Rivlin, Liberman to pardon Azaria

But many on Right keep mum after manslaughter conviction … [Read more...]

Thousands of Ethiopian-Israelis celebrate Sigd Day in Jerusalem

Rivlin: We’re working tirelessly to freeAvraham Mengistu from Hamas captivity … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Abbas blood libel as he flies to Rome in diplomatic push

PA leader rejects meet with Rivlin, says ending conflict will end terrorism … [Read more...]

Rivlin: French plan seeks peace talks ‘for negotiations’ sake’

Says international efforts to broker deal doomed to fail … [Read more...]

Rivlin at Holocaust memorial: Israel doesn’t do enough for Shoah survivors

Says Holocaust survivors do not receive the respect they deserve … [Read more...]

PM calls on IDF to act against terrorism ‘everywhere and without restriction’

Rivlin calls on Netanyahu and Abbas to return to talks … [Read more...]

Israel won’t allow Iran, Hezbollah on Syrian border, Rivlin tells Putin

Says presence on Golan is a redline, backs return of UN peacekeepers … [Read more...]

Obama to Rivlin: Vital to try to reach peace between Israel, Palestinians

Rivlin guest of honor at White House Hanukka candle-lighting ceremony … [Read more...]

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