Rivlin, promising peace, joins protest from Gaza border communities

‘We will not, and we must not, let the air raid siren become routine’ … [Read more...]

Rivlin calls for ‘Reverse Birthright’ trips to better Israel-Diaspora ties

Says rift between Israel and world Jewry requires reworking of 1950 pact … [Read more...]

Voices of concern and hope at President’s Residence Rabin memorial service

Rabin's grandson calls on Rivlin to limit tenure of prime minister … [Read more...]

In rare rebuke, Rivlin urges Likud MKs to amend ‘discriminatory’ Jewish state bill

Says legislation 'could harm the Jewish people and the State of Israel' … [Read more...]

Rivlin asks Prince William to take ‘message of peace’ to Abbas

'We have to end to the tragedy between us' … [Read more...]

Paying tribute to Ethiopian immigrants, PM vows to bring home man held by Hamas

Rivlin asks counterpart in Ethiopia to help Gaza captive Avera Mengistu … [Read more...]

Rivlin praises anti-corruption protests as essential for democracy

Citing recent demonstrations against PM, president urges public debate … [Read more...]

As crisis with US Jews sharpens, Rivlin calls for resetting ties

Says relationship shouldn’t be based on philanthropy or blind admiration … [Read more...]

Rivlin rejects pardon request from Hebron shooter

Defense minister expresses sorrow over decision … [Read more...]

Rivlin addresses Spanish parliament, highlights democratic values, tolerance

‘Spain and Israel are both young democracies facing trials’ … [Read more...]

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