Shin Bet foils plan by Arab Israelis to attack soldiers

Plotters sought revenge for Israel outlawing Islamic Movement branch … [Read more...]

How Netanyahu missed an opportunity to stick it to his media rival

In the contest between transparency, revenge, and politics, politics won out … [Read more...]

Revenge sentence

Politicians say deterrence, but they mean revenge … [Read more...]

Russia confirms bomb brought down Egypt plane, vows revenge

Egyptian authorities detain 2 airport employees in connection with crash … [Read more...]

Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian mother killed in firebombing

Calls for revenge as Netanyahu expresses sorrow, vows to catch killers … [Read more...]

ISIS shoots and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians on video

Promises further 'revenge' for 'shed Muslim blood' … [Read more...]

Revenge and Israel’s coalition crisis

There are those who served under Netanyahu and feel wronged by him … [Read more...]

Jerusalem official: White House was part of bid to oust Netanyahu

Senior source says Obama wanted ‘revenge’ over Congress speech … [Read more...]

Nationwide strike, ongoing protests follow Beduin deaths

Swastikas and ‘revenge for the martyrs’ daubed in town of Rahat … [Read more...]

Sources: Revenge most likely motive in Arab teen’s death

Family has no criminal past; security film indicates Jewish killers … [Read more...]

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