Taking responsibility in Israel’s Jewish democracy

Too many Israelis avoid responsibility, accountability and transparency … [Read more...]

Islamic State claims responsibility for rockets fired at Israel from Sinai

Group targets Jewish communities with Grad missiles … [Read more...]

Egypt declares three days of mourning after 25 killed in Cairo bombing

No one has claimed responsibility for attack on Coptic cathedral … [Read more...]

Terrorists launch attack in Burkina Faso ‘looking for Christians’

No one claims responsibility, but attackers mention Boko Haram … [Read more...]

ISIS claims responsibility for kidnapping Christians in Libya

Terrorist group releases photos of men bound, blindfolded … [Read more...]

Proud Palestinians must lead the fight to reform UNRWA

‘We can no longer deny our responsibility for the future of our people’ … [Read more...]

Pakistani Taliban takes responsibility for Karachi airport attack

Security forces resume military operation after 24 confirmed dead … [Read more...]

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