While building museum to house stunning Lod mosaic, researchers unearth another

1,700-year-old Roman villa discovered 20 years ago under a garbage dump … [Read more...]

Scientists go to zoo, find that cell size, not body size, affects lifespan

'Shockingly beautiful and unexpected' correlation for researchers … [Read more...]

Researchers date discovery of Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem to Roman era

Mortar connecting slab to bedrock dates it to 335-345 AD … [Read more...]

Researchers find dozens of Jewish headstones at Babi Yar

Grave markers thrown into ravine where Nazis massacred 150,000 Jews … [Read more...]

Israeli scientists find way to detect polio outbreaks earlier

Researchers say quicker discovery will save lives … [Read more...]

Israeli researchers make breakthrough in treating melanoma

Researchers map process how cancer cells spread … [Read more...]

At biblical site, researchers discover ABCs of how alphabet came to be

Oldest precursor to letter S found in Canaanite text unearthed at Lachish … [Read more...]

Researchers stumped as dust storm persists in Israel for third day

Why sandstorms began at this time of year puzzles meteorologists … [Read more...]

Researchers claim proof Jesus buried in Jerusalem with wife and son

Filmmaker and geoarcheologist claim theological breakthrough … [Read more...]

Digital mapping uncovers Holocaust-era mass graves in Ukraine

Researchers use geophysical imaging to locate Nazi killing sites … [Read more...]

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