Muslims kidnap Christian girl in Pakistan, kill father trying to rescue her

Girl’s widowed mother and three sisters live in fear of reprisals … [Read more...]

Holocaust survivor repays ultimate debt via rescue of Syrian Christians

Former refugee funds airlift of families to Europe from Islamic State area … [Read more...]

Egyptians mourn Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS

Government knew of their capture, but didn’t try to rescue them … [Read more...]

‘Thank God, there are almost no Jews in Syria now,’ says their rescuer

Canadian Judy Feld Carr arranged to smuggle 3,228 Jews out of Syria … [Read more...]

Israeli gives up Everest summit to rescue Turkish climber

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Israeli mountain climber Nadav Ben-Yehuda gave up his dream of scaling Mount Everest when he was within some 800 feet from the summit in order to rescue a fellow climber … [Read more...]

Turkey requests Israeli earthquake aid after all

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—More than three days after a devastating earthquake struck northeastern Turkey, the Turkish government has reversed its refusal of the aid Israel immediately offered and … [Read more...]

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