Donald Trump courts US expats in new Israel campaign

Republicans looking to gain swing-state votes from US-Israeli citizens … [Read more...]

Republicans start effort to bring out Israeli vote for Trump

Political insiders say initiative might be too late … [Read more...]

Israel envoy to US lobbies Congress against Iran deal

House speaker says Republicans will ‘do everything’ to stop agreement … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s White House-defying speech could backfire

Pushed to a loyalty contest, even Republicans will side with Obama … [Read more...]

Opposition to Hagel appointment unites pro-Israel advocates, women’s groups, Republicans

Object to ‘Jewish lobby’ remark, bid to talk with Hamas, refusal to call Hezbollah terrorist … [Read more...]

Republican election ad featuring Netanyahu to debut in Florida

Ad with him discussing Iran threat to play in cities with many Jewish voters … [Read more...]

Democrats reject Republican criticism of Jerusalem policy

Republicans slam Obama for 2012 platform that doesn’t recognize Jerusalem as capital … [Read more...]

Jewish Republicans: Israelis were first to see Obama’s faults

Fleischer: Israelis lack of support for Obama harbinger for US Jews … [Read more...]

Republican presidential contenders speak out on Israel

(Voice of America) - In U.S. presidential politics, the economy and jobs are expected to dominate next year’s election. But many of the Republicans running for their party’s presidential nomination … [Read more...]

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