Over half of Palestinian college graduates are unemployed, report finds

Nearly 70% of those who pursued education degrees unemployed … [Read more...]

Fulani and Boko Haram terrorists wreak havoc in Nigeria in January

Report focuses on terrorism against Christian villages in the Middle Belt … [Read more...]

Christian persecution reached record high in 2015, report says

Last year was the most violent for Christians in modern history … [Read more...]

Report calls on UK to recognize plight of oppressed Pakistani Christians

Call for new guidelines recognizing Pakistani Christians as asylum seekers … [Read more...]

Report on PA education system shows widespread glorification of terrorism

Children taught to deny Israel’s right to exist and Jews are evil … [Read more...]

Ya’alon assails report calling for massive cuts in defense budget

Says recommendation incompatible with threats facing Israel … [Read more...]

Israel-linked virus attacked nuke talks hotels, report claims

Russian cyber-security firm says virus found in hotel computers … [Read more...]

Existence of Jewish people ‘in doubt’ due to low conversion rate, report finds

More than 50% of former Soviet Union conversion candidates drop out … [Read more...]

Scathing report puts blame for housing crisis on government

Comptroller says red tape, political gridlock led to soaring prices … [Read more...]

US denies it stopped updating Israel on Iran nuclear talks

White House, State Department call TV report ‘patently false' … [Read more...]

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