Gabbay offers Gantz to lead Zionist Union and is turned down

Regev says it's ‘funny how some people think Gantz is the next messiah’ … [Read more...]

Citing her conscience, Regev seeks to block Western Wall egalitarian section

PM removes her from panel after saying she cannot approve construction … [Read more...]

Cut the politics: Regev, Messi and the BDS movement

The only thing missing was asking Messi to join the Likud Party … [Read more...]

Regev urges Arab Israeli director be probed for ‘incitement’

Opposes comments by Muhammad Bakri made while visiting Lebanon … [Read more...]

Israeli minister calls to oust UN from Jerusalem headquarters

Regev scorns UNESCO’s rejecting Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Cultural justice

Regev would censor cultural expressions she deems disloyal to the state … [Read more...]

Culture gap

‘If it is necessary to censor, I will censor,’ says Regev … [Read more...]

Job description: minister of culture, not chief censor

Regev can’t cut off funds from any theater whose politics she dislikes … [Read more...]

Likud ministers reject Regev’s Jerusalem bill

Bill sought Knesset majority to allow negotiations on Jerusalem, refugees … [Read more...]

Likud MK Regev: Police must allow Jews to visit Temple Mount on Hanukka

‘Muslim stonethrowing is not a reason to prevent Jews from going’ … [Read more...]

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