Lebanese Church partnering to reach refugees

Over 100 Evangelical churches have up to 20,000 believers across nation … [Read more...]

Government, not refugees, to blame for south Tel Aviv slums, residents say

‘They wanted to flee violence and work hard to support themselves’ … [Read more...]

ISIS blamed for outbreak of gruesome flesh-eating disease among refugees

Thousands of cases reported in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan … [Read more...]

Anti-refugee sentiment punishes victims, not terrorists, Christian groups say

Innocent refugees are being judged for crimes they didn't commit … [Read more...]

Merkel: Refugees entering Germany must reject anti-Semitism

Chancellor named ‘guarantor of democratic values, freedom of religion’ … [Read more...]

Refugees: It’s time to be discriminating

Western political leadership owes it to future to make the right choices … [Read more...]

Syrian journey of hope: Why we are fleeing to Europe

World should stop the war in Syria if it wants the flow of refugees to stop … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel not indifferent, but ‘too small’ to take in refugees

PM says Jewish state must guard against illegal immigrants and terrorists … [Read more...]

Israel bolsters Jordan border to keep out terrorists, refugees

Netanyahu: Despite human tragedy, Jewish state must control its borders … [Read more...]

Israel braces for refugees as Syrian rebels surround Druze town

Insurgents make headway at Golan Heights; 33 die in Damascus shelling … [Read more...]

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