Aleppo churches open doors to displaced Muslim families

Many Syrians fleeing to the Christian areas to seek refuge … [Read more...]

Undercover Israeli forces arrest terrorist in Hebron hospital

Shin Bet: We will not allow terrorists refuge, whoever they are … [Read more...]

Escaping ISIS: Iraq’s Christians find refuge at Jordan church

Christians given ultimatum: Convert, leave, or die … [Read more...]

From exodus to exodus, Iraqi Christians seek new home

Fleeing jihadists, ponder future from refuge in Jordan, Kurdistan … [Read more...]

As rockets fly, Gaza Christians find refuge at church

Like Muslims, Palestinian Christians are also suffering in this war … [Read more...]

Syria’s Assyrian Christians find refuge with Turkish neighbors

Refugees surviving with help from locals and family … [Read more...]

Priest killed by Islamist militants in Syria

Father Francois Murad murdered at a convent in northern Syria where he had fled for refuge … [Read more...]

Germany debates help for Syrian Christians

Germany taking in Syrian Christians would be considered an act of humanity … [Read more...]

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