Reform, Conservative Movements incensed with Netanyahu attack on them

‘PM lacks leadership regarding Western Wall and political weakness … [Read more...]

With Western Wall deal quashed, ultra-Orthodox lawmakers lambaste Reform

Some call Reform ‘counterfeit Judaism,’ decry bark mitzvahs for dogs … [Read more...]

US will leave UN Human Rights Council if it doesn’t reform

State Department wants ‘greater accountability and transparency’ … [Read more...]

The Trump revolution, Israel and American Jews

Many Reform, Conservative and secular Jews consider Israel a low priority … [Read more...]

Religious services minister: Reform Jews aren’t Jews

Reform leader calls on Netanyahu to strongly denounce comments … [Read more...]

MK David Rotem under fire for saying Reform Jews ‘not Jewish’

Leaders of Reform and Conservative movements call for censure … [Read more...]

Bennett urges unity in search for Western Wall solution

Minister pushes Reform, Conservative rabbis ‘to work together’ … [Read more...]

Reform High Court victory: Israel to fund non-Orthodox rabbis

Court rules Religious Services Ministry must subsidize local rabbis regardless of denomination … [Read more...]

Egypt’s opposition presses Morsi following violence at Coptic cathedral

ElBaradei calls on president to form merit-based government and legislate election reform … [Read more...]

Religious war brewing over state funding for non-Orthodox rabbis

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—This week’s historic move by Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein enabling non-Orthodox rabbis to receive state funding has aroused a storm of opposition by the Orthodox … [Read more...]

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