Egypt invites Hamas leaders for talks on Gaza protests, reconciliation

Cairo pressuring terrorists to stop disturbances along border … [Read more...]

Palestinian factions leave Cairo with little reconciliation progress

Many unresolved issues remain ahead of December 1 Hamas handover … [Read more...]

Security aids reconciliation between Muslims and Christians in Egyptian village

Christians attacked over rumor a church was being built … [Read more...]

Netanyahu says failed Turkey coup won’t affect reconciliation

Says PA condemns Nice attack, but ‘encourages’ car-rammings of Israelis … [Read more...]

Hamas: Abbas is preventing our reconciliation with Fatah, he should step down

Hamas official claims Palestinian Authority leader refuses to share power … [Read more...]

Pope Francis leads Catholic Church in pro-Jewish direction

Pontiff is totally committed to reconciliation of Church and Israel … [Read more...]

Mashaal: Hamas made concessions to Fatah, won’t compromise on Israel

‘Reconciliation doesn’t mean an end to our resistance’ … [Read more...]

Turkey and Israel close in on reconciliation deal

Talks in Jerusalem finalize compensation for Gaza-bound Turkish activists killed or hurt by IDF … [Read more...]

Hamas slams Abbas announcement on unity government talks

Haniyeh: Reconciliation accord should be implemented as a whole package and not partially … [Read more...]

Copts reject ‘useless’ reconciliation meetings after death of six Christians in Egypt

‘Conflict resolution’ arranged by authorities to ease tensions following anti-Christian violence … [Read more...]

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