Recently uncovered Jewish Revolt coin shows rebels aware of impending disaster

Coin unearthed in City of David reads: 'For the Redemption of Zion' … [Read more...]

Under Russian cover, Iran troops to launch Syria assault

Soldiers and Hezbollah fighters set for ground offensive against rebels … [Read more...]

Assad: Rebel fighters in Syria are more dangerous than Israeli air strikes

Syrian president says that the rebels are Israel's ‘servants’ … [Read more...]

Iran proposes splitting Syria into mini-states to fight IS

Tehran says Assad, rebels should combat jihadists; keep captured territory … [Read more...]

IDF: Syrian Army defunct; rebels 100 yards from Israel border

Hezbollah has lost 100 men in past two weeks … [Read more...]

Senior Hezbollah commander said killed in Syria

Rebels claim to have slain Marwan Mughniyeh in the Qalamoun region … [Read more...]

Islamic State-linked group said battling for position on Israel border

Jaish al-Islam fighting rebels a few hundred meters from Israeli territory … [Read more...]

IDF bolsters units near Syria crossing to counter fighting

Rebels, regime forces in bloody struggle for strategic Quneitra area … [Read more...]

Heavy fighting resumes between Syrian army, rebels in Golan

IDF closes border area to civilians; mortar shell lands in Israel … [Read more...]

Rebels capture 43 UN peacekeepers at Israel-Syria border

Day after rebel coalition with al-Qaida offshoot seizes crossing … [Read more...]

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