Netanyahu to Putin: S-300 missile sale to Iran undermines Middle East

‘Move would increase Iran's aggression and risk Middle East security’ … [Read more...]

How Herod the tyrant saved the Olympics

A brutal despot spent a fortune to preserve games millennia before Putin … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, Putin sharply divided over Iran nuclear deal

PM prods Russia to insist on better deal; Putin hopeful on Geneva talks … [Read more...]

Report: Russia eyes Egypt’s ports in bid to boost military presence

Just what Putin needs to secure more influence in the region … [Read more...]

Putin: I’m not 100% sure Syria will comply with US-Russia deal

Says Damascus WMD cache built in response to ‘Israel’s nukes' … [Read more...]

They give threats, we give gifts

Iran keeps threatening as US efforts against Syria slow to a snail’s pace … [Read more...]

Poison gas and poisoned hearts

Radical Islam’s demons of death are a mutating virus of terror … [Read more...]

Putin warns American people against Syria intervention

Russian president in op-ed urges action in Syria only through UN … [Read more...]

Putin: We won’t exclude UN-backed Syria action over chemical arms

Warns against one-sided moves, suspends delivery of S-300 missiles … [Read more...]

Russian official urges defense of Syria’s Christians in wake of chemical attack

Russia's Federation Council calls on Putin to defend Syrian Christians … [Read more...]

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