Protesters throw shoes, rip flags during visit to Gaza by Qatar envoy

Hospital workers upset over unpaid salaries pushed backed by Hamas policemen … [Read more...]

18 arrested at ultra-Orthodox riot against army draft in Jerusalem

Protesters block IDF recruitment office, throw rocks, eggs at police … [Read more...]

Amona evacuation ends violently as protesters pulled from synagogue

Police say ‘chemical materials’ used against them … [Read more...]

Protesters ‘decorate’ Jerusalem chief rabbi’s office with gay pride flag

Banner, rainbow colors protest Shlomo Amar’s homophobic comments … [Read more...]

PA leader Abbas burned in effigy during Gaza protest

Protesters call for his resignation for cutting off PFLP funds … [Read more...]

Arab Haifa students shout down Yale coexistence lecturer

Protesters call Omer Salem a ‘collaborator with the Zionists’ … [Read more...]

Court postpones West Bank synagogue razing after activists vow to fight

As protesters hole up in building court gives demolition two-week extension … [Read more...]

Palestinian rioter sets himself ablaze during clashes with IDF

Protesters block main entrance of Hebron with stones and burning tires … [Read more...]

IDF removes protesters from ruins of West Bank settlement

Security forces clear some 200 protesters from site abandoned in 2005 … [Read more...]

More violence, arrests as settlers protest planned Beit El demolition

Protesters throw chairs at police; 250 activists reoccupy Sa-Nur outpost … [Read more...]

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