Islamists attack 200 Christians at Indonesian church

Harass and drive off priest for reading the Bible … [Read more...]

Muslims attending Catholic mass across France

In solidarity with Christians, they insist 'Islam did not kill priest' … [Read more...]

The suffering of Syria’s Christians taught him how to be a priest

Christian witness is ‘an antidote for the mediocre and decadent world’ … [Read more...]

The priest who provides a safe haven for Iraqi Christian refugees

No camps, no official aid programs for Christian exodus from Iraq … [Read more...]

Priest calls on Egypt’s Sisi to save St. Mary’s Church from demolition

Greek Orthodox church coveted by Muslim judge who wants its land … [Read more...]

Assyrian Christian leader’s remarkable escape from IS

Priest tells how his humanitarian aid inspired a friend to plot his escape … [Read more...]

ISIS releases 22 Assyrian Christian hostages after ‘tireless work’ by Church

Priest greets weeping captives … [Read more...]

Iranian Christians ‘thank Christ’ for Iran nuclear deal

Priest says 'our prayers were answered' … [Read more...]

Nusra Front frees priest, other Christians in Syria

Rebels have seized several Christian and Muslim villages in region … [Read more...]

Priest says Egypt church attack was retribution by Muslim Brotherhood

Policeman killed, two wounded in January Church of Virgin Mary attack … [Read more...]

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