Israelis sing Hatikvah from balconies, usher in Memorial Day

President Rivlin: ‘We'll all sing the national anthem together as one’ … [Read more...]

‘The entire country loves you’: Nechama Rivlin laid to rest at Mount Herzl

President thanks her for making him ‘husband of the First Lady of Israel’ … [Read more...]

President Rivlin hosts members of LGBT community

As Knesset speaker, he hosted the community annually … [Read more...]

President Rivlin

The head of state demonstrates both moral courage and sensitivity … [Read more...]

Liberman urges President Rivlin to pardon Hebron shooter

Calls clemency for Elor Azaria an issue of 'public interest' … [Read more...]

President Rivlin to the Jews of Spain: ‘Let us stand together’

‘We love and respect every Jew wherever he might be’ … [Read more...]

Jerusalem gay pride parade victim laid to rest as thousands mourn

President Rivlin: Shira believed in tolerance, equality, hope, and love … [Read more...]

President Rivlin meets with heads of churches

Metropolitan Theophilos III links Passover and Easter   … [Read more...]

President Rivlin: We are not at war with Islam

Avoids Temple Mount issue, but labels surge of violence an ‘intifada’ … [Read more...]

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