The Presbyterians’ Judaism problem

Joining those who blame Israel for plight of Palestinian people … [Read more...]

Netanyahu tells Presbyterians: Israel a vibrant democracy

Says critics should go to Syria to see ‘Christians butchered’ … [Read more...]

By condemning Israel, Presbyterians condemn themselves

Church demonstrates that it has no moral compass … [Read more...]

Presbyterians, BDS, and Israel – here we go again

Presbyterians to again try to bring peace by anti-Israel resolutions … [Read more...]

Presbyterians have it back-to-front on Zionism

They are silent on the expulsion of nearly a million Jews from Arab states … [Read more...]

Presbyterians push back against church group’s anti-Zionist study guide

Those involved in dialogue with Jews outraged by church document … [Read more...]

Presbyterians’ slim rejection of divestment unlikely to slow anti-Israel push

Pressure to force Israel out of West Bank seen increasing … [Read more...]

US Presbyterian Church rejects divestment of companies in Israel

General Assembly votes down proposal to divest three major companies … [Read more...]

US pro-Israel groups urge Presbyterian Church to abandon Israel divestment

Caterpillar is one of the companies the church is proposing to divest from (Flash90). … [Read more...]

Presbyterian divestment push passes hurdle; general vote could come Thursday

Move to pull funds from Caterpillar, other firms doing business with (Flash90). … [Read more...]

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