On the seam of still-divided Jerusalem, faith leaders ‘imagine’ peace

Jewish, Christian, Muslim participants combine prayer with art and music … [Read more...]

Boko Haram emir declares Islamic caliphate from ransacked Christian town

Christian leader calls for prayer, says situation is in God’s hands … [Read more...]

At kidnapping site in West Bank, Jews and Muslims join in prayer

Sheikh, rabbi, activists gather to call for teens’ safe return   … [Read more...]

Western Wall egalitarian plaza greeted with skepticism

Critics call bid ‘a second-rate wall for second-rate Jews’ … [Read more...]

Women can’t say mourner’s prayer at Western Wall, police announce

Kaddish, other prayers must not be recited at Women of the Wall’s services … [Read more...]

Paratroopers of ’67 protect Women of the Wall ’13

Veterans of battle for Jerusalem support women’s prayers at Western Wall, then 10 women arrested … [Read more...]

With Western Wall unity crumbling, Sharansky hopes to meld women’s rights and tradition

Jewish Agency head drafted to find solution for women who want to pray freely at Kotel … [Read more...]

Persecution watchdog group urges Christians to pray during Ramadan

‘First pray for our brothers and sisters in Islamic-dominated nations’ … [Read more...]

Christians around globe to join in prayer for Muslim world

‘30 Days’ ministry leads prayers for Muslims during Ramadan … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Christians unite in prayer for peace

(Reprinted from Christian Today, Nov. 21, 2011) Christians across the Middle East and Arab world united in prayer for Egypt earlier in the month. The 12-hour long night of prayer was broadcast … [Read more...]

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