In Christmas message, pope hopes Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resume

Francis urges sides to ‘resume dialogue and undertake a journey of peace’ … [Read more...]

In Christmas address, pope says only two-state solution will bring peace

Francis prays for peace in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Trump: I’ll visit Israel after meeting Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia

Expected here May 22, before he travels to the Vatican to meet the pope … [Read more...]

Murder in God’s name is ‘satanic,’ pope says at mass for jihadi-slain priest

Pontiff honors Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit by Islamists in July … [Read more...]

Pope says Syrian Christian woman killed for faith in Jesus a martyr

Murdered by Islamist terrorists for refusing to deny her faith … [Read more...]

Pope makes historic visit to Rome synagogue

Calls on Christians to reject anti-Semitism … [Read more...]

Pope deplores ‘genocide’ of Christians in Mideast

Francis calls to end ‘third world war’ against believers in Jesus … [Read more...]

Pope: Why didn’t the allies bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz?

‘People call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons’ … [Read more...]

‘Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic, pope says’

Francis also backtracks on statement that Abbas is ‘an angel of peace’ … [Read more...]

Pope to declare two Ottoman-era nuns as first Arabic-speaking saints

Church leaders in Israel and the PA are greatly excited at canonization … [Read more...]

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