Poll: Most Israelis think Netanyahu should quit as Likud head over legal woes

Over half support Netanyahu-Gantz rotation deal, two-party political system … [Read more...]

Poll: Netanyahu must quit if indicted, majority of Israelis say

Likudniks don't want Benjamin Netanyahu to go … [Read more...]

Poll: 76% of Jewish Israelis say Netanyahu failed in dealing with Hamas

Among Israeli-Arabs the number is 82% … [Read more...]

Poll: 82% of Israelis proud of the country, half fear war is near

Independence Day eve survey is a snapshot of optimism and anxiety … [Read more...]

Partisan divide over Israel in the US at historic level, poll finds

Republicans more PRO-Israel than ever, Dems likely to support Palestinians … [Read more...]

Poll: 67% of Arab Israelis reject Israel as a Jewish nation-state

66% say Arab parties shouldn't be in ruling coalition … [Read more...]

Palestinians overwhelmingly oppose Abbas pressure on Gaza

Poll shows majority of Strip’s residents support Hamas-Dahlan deal … [Read more...]

Poll: Arab citizens think higher of Israel than its Jewish citizens do

Despite complaints, survey finds that Israel at 69 is largely content, optimistic … [Read more...]

Reform and Conservative Judaism left out of new Israeli pluralism index

Poll of 1,300 Israelis is a window into lingering prejudice … [Read more...]

Barely a fifth of Jewish Israelis think Obama was friendly to Israel, poll shows

69% believe Trump will be favorable, while only 22% think Obama was … [Read more...]

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