No politics

Politics, like racism and antisemitism, should be kicked out of sports … [Read more...]

What is B’Tselem?

Human rights should transcend politics … [Read more...]

Race to succeed Abbas stalled by politics, Fatah infighting

PA likely to bypass rules in order to exclude Hamas from process … [Read more...]

UN watchdog closes probe into Iran nukes, drawing Israeli ire

IAEA paves way for nuclear deal in early 2016; Israel cries politics … [Read more...]

Lebanon’s Christians in danger of being overrun, losing access to politics

Danger of losing their place to Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq … [Read more...]

Job description: minister of culture, not chief censor

Regev can’t cut off funds from any theater whose politics she dislikes … [Read more...]

Obama’s national security adviser: Netanyahu speech damaging ‘fabric’ of ties

Susan Rice says the relationship has become ‘infused with politics’ … [Read more...]

For Jewish ex-refugees, it’s about recognition, not politics

Middle Eastern Jews seek redress that has nothing to do with Palestinians … [Read more...]

Abbas turns to UNSC to set 2016 deadline for Israeli withdrawal

Liberman: Abbas plays internal politics at expense of peace process … [Read more...]

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s resignation shakes Israeli politics

Surprise announcement says it's for family; Likudniks say it's politics … [Read more...]

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