18 arrested at ultra-Orthodox riot against army draft in Jerusalem

Protesters block IDF recruitment office, throw rocks, eggs at police … [Read more...]

Police suppress Haredi draft protest with skunk water, force

At least 20 ultra-Orthodox rioters arrested … [Read more...]

Police reveal ‘massive’ defense agency bribery scheme

Court lifts gag order on arrest of seven suspected of taking kickbacks … [Read more...]

Don’t mess with Israel’s democracy

Netanyahu and loyalists target the media, police, courts, legislature … [Read more...]

Police minister files complaint against Arab MK for Temple Mount visit

Ahmad Tibi accuses police of 'incitement,' calls ban on lawmakers 'illegal' … [Read more...]

Extending remand, police say suspicions ‘bolstered’ against PM’s ex-top aide

Suspected of receiving bribes, David Sharan held over submarine deal … [Read more...]

Police break up wedding of 14-year-old girl

Groom and father of bride released to house arrest … [Read more...]

The fine line between freedom and protection

What were the police thinking when they arrested protesters? … [Read more...]

Missing Copt woman given new Muslim identity by Egypt security services

Family’s lawyer accuses police of ‘complicity and apathy’ in the case … [Read more...]

Clearing out protesters and residents, police near end of Ofra home evictions

8 of 9 buildings emptied; 8 officers lightly injured; 2 protesters held … [Read more...]

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