Egyptian police thwart suicide attack at Christian church

Bomber dies detonating explosive belt after being denied entry by police … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox draft protesters clash with police in Bnei Brak

Block roads to demonstrate against arrest of draft-dodging yeshiva student … [Read more...]

Police, settler youth clash during clearing of illegal West Bank outpost Tapuah West

11 officers injured by hurled objects; settlers say cops' force excessive … [Read more...]

Bulldozers raze deserted Netiv Ha’avot outpost after settlers clear out

A day after police evacuate homeowners and thousands of protesters … [Read more...]

Police arrest 29 accused of massive billion shekel fraud

Suspects allegedly issued fictitious receipts, claimed back VAT … [Read more...]

Undercover cops infiltrate, break up violent Ramallah protest

Police blend into crowd, fire shots in air and arrest rock throwers … [Read more...]

Police to open corruption investigation into UN Ambassador Danon

Attorney-general believes evidence warrants an investigation … [Read more...]

18 arrested at ultra-Orthodox riot against army draft in Jerusalem

Protesters block IDF recruitment office, throw rocks, eggs at police … [Read more...]

Police suppress Haredi draft protest with skunk water, force

At least 20 ultra-Orthodox rioters arrested … [Read more...]

Police reveal ‘massive’ defense agency bribery scheme

Court lifts gag order on arrest of seven suspected of taking kickbacks … [Read more...]

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