Netanyahu: In fighting Iran, we serve security and peace beyond Middle East

PM outlines how Israel is fighting Islamic State, stopped dozens of attacks … [Read more...]

Netanyahu thanks Merkel for German approval of Israeli drone lease deal

PM hails continued strengthening of defense relations with Berlin … [Read more...]

With eyes on Iran, Netanyahu praises Trump over North Korea summit

PM hails 'important development for Israel, the region and the world' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel taking action against arms manufacturing in Lebanon

PM affirms Israel's right to self-defense, Iran-Syria battle not over … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to Putin: It’s Israel’s ‘right and duty’ to fend off Iran in Syria

PM: Israel will continue to 'safeguard our security interests' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Iran ‘brazenly lied’ about nuclear program, continued work after deal

PM says Israel has 100,000 documents proving 'Iranian deception' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: At least six states in ‘serious’ talks to move embassies to Jerusalem

PM says first 10 countries to relocate will get 'preferential treatment' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu hails US Taylor Force Act cutting aid to PA over terrorist allowances

PM: Sends a 'powerful message' to Palestinians that the rules have changed … [Read more...]

Amid controversy at home, Netanyahus receive warm White House welcome

PM: Jewish people will not forget Trump on Jerusalem and embassy … [Read more...]

From interrogation room to echo chamber: Netanyahu looks for love in the US

PM revels in embrace of Trump and the adoring the pro-Israel lobby … [Read more...]

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