Amid controversy at home, Netanyahus receive warm White House welcome

PM: Jewish people will not forget Trump on Jerusalem and embassy … [Read more...]

From interrogation room to echo chamber: Netanyahu looks for love in the US

PM revels in embrace of Trump and the adoring the pro-Israel lobby … [Read more...]

Lapid: PM, backers telling me not to testify are ‘talking like criminals’

Blasts those who 'dared suggest' he should have given false testimony … [Read more...]

The flaw in Netanyahu’s articulate public defense

PM claims police joined his enemies, but attorney-general oversaw the probe … [Read more...]

Netanyahu continues offensive against police

PM: 'The truth should be investigated' … [Read more...]

On northern border, Netanyahu warns enemies: ‘Don’t test us’

PM says Israel seeks peace, 'but we are prepared for every scenario' … [Read more...]

Amid beating of war drums, Netanyahu says Israel not interested in fight

PM: Israel is central factor in blocking spread of radical Islam … [Read more...]

In Davos, Netanyahu urges world leaders to act on Iran nuclear deal

PM meets with leaders of Germany, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland … [Read more...]

While PM cements US support, Abbas fails to recruit EU as new peace broker

PA told in Brussels that Washington still indispensable to peace process … [Read more...]

Ahead of Pence visit, PM says no progress on peace without American involvement

Netanyahu calls Arab MKs’ Knesset boycott of VP a 'disgrace' … [Read more...]

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