PM: Embassy move will help peace by ‘shattering Palestinian fantasy’

Netanyahu says relocation to Jerusalem will ‘correct historical wrong’ … [Read more...]

PM pans Abbas for falsely telling Trump ‘Palestinians teach peace’

Netanyahu: They name their schools after mass-murderers of Israelis … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to Abbas: How can you speak of peace while financing murderers?

On Memorial Day, PM says sacrifices by IDF soldiers necessary for peace … [Read more...]

Why Netanyahu gave Germany’s FM the silence treatment

PM: Snubbed politician’s country has no right to preach democracy to Jews … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Allies could have saved 4 million Jews if they’d bombed death camps

PM castigates global indifference 75 years ago, says it persists today … [Read more...]

Opposition MKs accuse PM of ‘trying to take over the media’

Worthless deal okayed by attorney-general, but no one should have … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: ‘Significant progress’ in settlement talks with US

On departing China, PM lauds ‘special connection with Israel’ … [Read more...]

Building in Jerusalem is non-negotiable, Netanyahu declares

PM also repeats promise of new Amona settlement … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel is ‘perfect junior partner’ for China’s economy

PM agrees to grant visas to 20,000 Chinese construction workers … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s big election bluff?

Does the PM really want an election in order to block his criminal probes? … [Read more...]

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