Netanyahu to appoint envoy to the Christian world

PM: B’Tselem is a disgrace … [Read more...]

PM: Trump accepts Palestinian state would remain under Israeli security control

Netanyahu stresses Israel won’t give up overall authority west of Jordan … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Trump gave me guarantees about freedom of Israeli operations in Syria

PM says Israel will act to prevent Iranian advanced arms reaching Hezbollah … [Read more...]

Sara and Yair Netanyahu suspected of bribery in Case 4000

PM denies probe accusations, says ‘Case 4000 never happened’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu lands in Lithuania, grandma’s birthplace, in search of European allies

PM hopes outreach to eastern Europe will help counter EU's hostility … [Read more...]

Netanyahu sends Muslims, Druze greetings on Eid al-Adha amid nation-state law spat

'In Israel we have freedom of worship for all,' PM says … [Read more...]

In Jerusalem, Bolton and Netanyahu blast ‘wretched,’ ‘disastrous’ Iran deal

PM: 'Everyone in the region' grateful for Trump's decision to leave accord … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Corbyn for honoring Munich terrorists, comparing Israel to Nazis

PM calls for 'unequivocal condemnation' of the UK opposition leader … [Read more...]

PM says detention, questioning of Peter Beinart at airport a ‘mistake’

Journalist questioned about support for Palestinians … [Read more...]

Netanyahu threatens elections if ultra-Orthodox won’t compromise on draft bill

PM indicates he's fed up with impasse over recruitment of yeshiva students … [Read more...]

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