Netanyahu’s reception in Gujarat highlights countries’ strengthening ties

PM receives a rare ‘cultural roadshow’ in Gujarat … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Abbas ‘helping’ Israel with antisemitic, anti-Trump rant

PM says PA showing true face by rejecting Washington … [Read more...]

Netanyahu orders legislative action after son’s tape leaked

PM says TV airing of Yair’s night at strip club 'crossed redlines' … [Read more...]

Among Netanyahu’s reasons for backing Iran protests: aligning with Trump

PM believes demonstrators need to know Israel supports their struggle … [Read more...]

PM says calm in Gaza depends on the Palestinians

Though Hamas has no interest in renewed conflict, the situation could erupt … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: ‘God bless’ Guatemala over embassy move

PM says other countries will also move to Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Netanyahu applauds US for ‘pushing back’ against UN moves on Israel

PM hails Trump for 'leadership and determination in defense of Israel' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu says ‘no substitute’ for US role in peace process

PM: Trump declaration makes this year's holiday 'extra special' … [Read more...]

On Netanyahu’s European trip, fantasies clash with reality

PM urges accepting facts, says most of EU will move embassies to capital … [Read more...]

PM says Erdogan bombs villages and helps terrorists ‘kill innocent people’

Turkish president calls Israel a 'terror state' that 'kills children' … [Read more...]

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