How will the Netanyahu-Putin meeting affect the region?

PM will be careful to praise Russian-Israeli relations … [Read more...]

Criticism mounts over Netanyahu’s response to US neo-Nazism

PM trying to balance his relationships with Trump and US Jews … [Read more...]

PM welcomes Trump envoys’ visit to revive Mideast peace talks

President sees ‘opportunity’ to push ahead with peace efforts … [Read more...]

PM discusses settlement exchange plan with US

Netanyahu has tacked significantly to the Right … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Evangelical Christians are Israel’s best friends

In address to CUFI, PM makes dig at Trump delay in moving embassy … [Read more...]

State watchdog: PM didn’t disclose conflict of interest with Bezeq owner

Netanyahu acted in interest of his friend, telecom owner Shaul Elovitz … [Read more...]

PM raps visiting Irish foreign minister over support for Palestinians

Netanyahu raps Ireland for failing to condemn glorification of terrorism … [Read more...]

Sharansky: PM should not have made Western Wall promise he could not deliver

It’s ‘demagoguery’ to call this a ‘breaking point’ in Israel-Diaspora ties … [Read more...]

78% of Israelis say peace not possible, split if PM serious to make deal

21% say peace is possible, 76% say no chance, 3% do not know … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Temple Mount will forever remain under Israel’s control

PM says Trump’s pilgrimage to Western Wall ‘destroyed UNESCO’s lies’ … [Read more...]

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