In plea deal, ex-tourism minister gets 15 months for corruption

Stas Misezhnikov pleads guilty to breach of trust … [Read more...]

Judge throws out plea deal, jails ex-chief rabbi for 4.5 years

Court says Yona Metzger would have received seven-year sentence … [Read more...]

Former chief rabbi Metzger confesses to reduced bribery charges in plea deal

The most serious corruption conviction since that of ex-PM Olmert … [Read more...]

Ex-general convicted of sexual offenses takes ‘full responsibility’ in plea deal

IDF officers praise Ofek Buchris’s character at sentencing hearing … [Read more...]

Cop accused of killing Palestinian teen agrees to plea deal

Border Police officer admits using live bullets at 2014 Nakba Day protest … [Read more...]

IDF Brig.-Gen. Buchris convicted in plea bargain of prohibited sexual liaison

Plea deal drops rape charges; highest ranking soldier convicted of this crime … [Read more...]

East Jerusalem resident strikes plea deal for deadly rock-throwing attack

Abed Dawiat to serve nine years for causing fatal crash last year … [Read more...]

Court urges plea deal for soldier who killed disarmed stabber

Trial begins for Sgt. Elor Azaria, who killed a wounded terrorist in Hebron … [Read more...]

Judge accepts plea deal, sentences Olmert aide Shula Zaken to 11 months

Judge David Rozen must accept plea deal in line with Supreme Court … [Read more...]

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