Christians from India, Nigeria and Iraq detail the persecution their communities face

Open Doors USA releases annual top-50 list of most persecuting countries … [Read more...]

Pakistan steps up persecution with ban on 11 Christian TV stations

Ten of the channels are Protestant, one Catholic … [Read more...]

How reconciliation sessions lead to persecution

Reconciliation in Egypt often ends with Christians surrendering rights … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians feel like second-class citizens amid persecution

‘We feel compelled to apologize for being Coptic Christians’ … [Read more...]

Christians flee growing persecution in Africa and Middle East

Millions escaped Nigeria, Eritrea, Syria and Iraq in 2015 … [Read more...]

Christians and minorities in Iraq face threat of extinction, says rights group

Minorities in Iraq are facing persecution at unprecedented levels … [Read more...]

Christian Iraqi population shrinking with persecution ‘worse than under Saddam’

Tens of thousands murdered or abducted by terrorist groups … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christians flee persecution only to encounter more problems

Thailand arrests those who seek asylum, even if they are children … [Read more...]

Muslims converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia despite intense persecution

Saudis restrict the public expression of any religion other than Islam … [Read more...]

Is Pakistan safe for Christians?

Fear is a daily reality for Christians, from persecution to terrorism … [Read more...]

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