How an old US law could scotch peace talks before they start

Trump's threat to shutter the PLO mission in Washington … [Read more...]

Rivlin: French plan seeks peace talks ‘for negotiations’ sake’

Says international efforts to broker deal doomed to fail … [Read more...]

Syria conflict peace talks to start in Geneva on Friday, UN says

The goal is a political solution to the war in Syria within six months … [Read more...]

Netanyahu calls on Arab states to press Palestinians back to peace talks

Blames Palestinians for the 14-month impasse in negotiations … [Read more...]

Abbas: Palestinians won’t accept Jewish state

Calls on Israel to halt settlement, release prisoners for return to peace talks … [Read more...]

World criticism of ‘Jewish state’ bill exacerbated by lack of peace talks

Netanyahu will eventually agree to a softened version, ‘but damage is done’ … [Read more...]

Kerry calls Jerusalem terrorist attack ‘an atrocity’

Says incident ‘only raises tensions’ but peace talks ‘an urgent priority' … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority sets new conditions for peace talks to continue

Settlement building halt, PA sovereignty in Area C, no IDF in PA areas … [Read more...]

Reparations for Jews from Arab countries must be included in peace talks, MKs say

Government disregarding 2010 law requiring issue to be part of talks … [Read more...]

Obama gets lecture on peace talks from Netanyahu at White House meeting

PM: Israel is doing its part, but the Palestinians aren't … [Read more...]

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