Record number of Jews visit Temple Mount over Passover

Three detained for ‘openly praying’ at site … [Read more...]

Tens of thousands flock to Western Wall for Priestly Blessing

Heavy police presence in pilgrimage to capital during Passover … [Read more...]

Passover, our festival of freedom and miracles

Theme of ancient Haggada resonates with contemporary Jewry … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Iran deal gives nuclear weapons to most dangerous terrorist state

Vows to unite the country at Mimouna event ending Passover … [Read more...]

Visitors flock to see oil and gas drilling under way in Golan Heights

During Passover some 2,000 people toured the Afek drilling site … [Read more...]

Half the country visits Israel’s parks, beaches over Passover

Jewish National Fund reports total of some 3.5 million visitors … [Read more...]

Passover the festival of freedom: Free at last

What is freedom and how does it reveal itself in our modern world? … [Read more...]

Passover’s unlearned lesson

Mauritania is West African country with most black slaves in world--up to half a million … [Read more...]

Palestinian nonprofit apologizes for blood libel article

Western-funded Miftah organization claimed Jews used Christian blood in Passover rituals … [Read more...]

Thousands gather at Western Wall for priestly blessing

Event is a reminder of the Jewish pilgrimages of Temple times … [Read more...]

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