Palestinians: Israelis voted to maintain status quo, apartheid

Only 15% of elected MKs support two-state solution … [Read more...]

PA: No role for US in peace after closure of Jerusalem Consulate

Palestinians vow to keep making 'sacrifices' to preserve ‘national rights’ … [Read more...]

Palestinians move to create list of Israeli products to ban from their markets

After Israel withholds some NIS 500m in taxes over PA’s funding terrorists … [Read more...]

Palestinians, Jordanians expand alliance to torpedo Trump’s peace plan

PA and Jordan set up joint administration of Temple Mount and holy sites … [Read more...]

The Middle Eastern origins of support for Venezuela’s Maduro

Iran, Turkey, Palestinians, Russia back Maduro; others support Guaido … [Read more...]

Palestinians: Qatar seeking to establish Palestinian state in Gaza

PA accuses Qatar of working to establish a ‘separate Palestinian state’ … [Read more...]

Qatari-bought fuel boosts Gazans’ daily electricity

Palestinians get two more hours of power after Israel releases fuel … [Read more...]

In Jerusalem, Merkel says Palestinians must accept Israel as Jewish state

Berlin endorses two-state solution, but sees other ways to solve conflict … [Read more...]

PM vows to keep ‘open mind’ on US peace plan, won’t voice support for two states

Give Palestinians ‘power to govern themselves, but not to threaten us’ … [Read more...]

Abbas’s forlorn, inflexible ‘we made no mistakes’ speech sounds like a swan song

Tells UN 'the Palestinians always ready to negotiate' … [Read more...]

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