PM: Trump accepts Palestinian state would remain under Israeli security control

Netanyahu stresses Israel won’t give up overall authority west of Jordan … [Read more...]

Bennett threatens to quit government if Palestinian state established

‘A Palestinian state would be a disaster for Israel’ … [Read more...]

Sad realities

Palestinian state would be corrupt, unreconciled to Israel’s existence … [Read more...]

Bennett: We will annex Ma’aleh Adumim first and then all of Area C

‘Israelis have paid dearly for messianic policy of a Palestinian state’ … [Read more...]

Ex-Saudi general tells Israel a Palestinian state would curb Iran aggression

Anwar Eshki: Arabs will make peace with Israel via two-state solution … [Read more...]

Dubai security chief opposes Palestinian state, urges coalition with Israel

Dhahi Khalfan Tamim says Jews should not be treated as enemies … [Read more...]

Dubai security chief: Palestinian state would be another failed Arab state

‘Without the Jews, Arabs would not know to deposit money in the bank’ … [Read more...]

Merkel: Now’s not the time for major progress to Palestinian state

German leader agrees with Netanyahu, who scorns ‘bizarre’ French peace bid … [Read more...]

So what if Paris recognizes a Palestinian state?

France wouldn’t be first European state nor first UNSC member to do so … [Read more...]

MK moots peace plan that lets settlers stay in a Palestinian state

Hilik Bar’s proposal would also grant ‘advisory status’ to Diaspora Jewry … [Read more...]

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