Palestinian Authority foils Hamas attempt to convene Palestinian parliament

PA blocks attempt by Hamas officials to hold a press conference in Ramallah … [Read more...]

The Palestinian Authority at the end of Abbas’s reign

None of the many would-be candidates has been named by Abbas as his heir … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority slams anti-Pay-for-Slay law

‘Declaration of war against Palestinian people, prisoners, martyrs’ … [Read more...]

Having missed the boat, the Palestinian Authority is sinking

Under pressure, Abbas assumes scorched-earth policy … [Read more...]

Israel: Hamas must disarm, or reconciliation means nothing

Palestinian Authority must not let Hamas ‘Lebanonize’ Gaza … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority: US asked for 3-4 months to prepare its peace plan

Trump administration needs more time to decide on policy … [Read more...]

UN: Palestinian Authority slashes permits for sick Gazans

Abbas cuts financial support for Gaza residents seeking medical treatment … [Read more...]

Doctor: Newborn dies in Gaza after PA fails to approve outside referral

Palestinian Authority failed to act on urgent request … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority holds youth camp in terrorist’s honor

Named for Dalal Mughrabi, responsible for 1978 Coastal Road massacre … [Read more...]

Israel, Palestinian Authority sign deal to improve West Bank water supply

Renewal of Joint Water Committee is a new infrastructure agreement … [Read more...]

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