Middle East Christians flee Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq

Church leaders fear ancient presence in region could soon disappear … [Read more...]

Losing Palestine

Ongoing terrorism is Palestinian rage at sense that resistance has failed … [Read more...]

Abbas: Palestine a state under occupation, no longer bound by Oslo accords

‘Our patience has come to an end,’ PA leader declares to UN … [Read more...]

US: ‘Palestine’ not a state, does not qualify for ICC membership

US weighing whether move violates law for continuing Palestinian aid … [Read more...]

UN chief says Palestinians to join ICC on April 1

After PA signs Rome Statute, Ban confirms ‘Palestine’ will be member … [Read more...]

PA minister: Western Wall must be under our rule

‘Every inch of land captured by Israel in 1967 is part of Palestine’ … [Read more...]

Fearful of becoming ‘Palestine,’ Jordan chimes in on peace talks

But Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh rejects ‘Jewish’ Israel … [Read more...]

Obama’s message to Netanyahu: Palestine for Iran

Linking of nuclear issue and peace process shows toughness on both … [Read more...]

Khamenei: Peace talks will force Palestinians to relinquish rights

Says Muslim world must support Palestine, condemn ‘Zionist wolves’ … [Read more...]

Muslims prepare to mark Quds Day in 80 countries

Khamenei declares ‘Palestine will be free’; Natorei Karta sect to join London protest … [Read more...]

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